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Vom, Vim, Veedle (Scherman-Jaxon) 2:57(Recorded: 10/11/1942)
All For You (R. Scherman) 3:22(Recorded 10/11/1942)

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Let’s Spring One (O. Rene) 2:39(Recorded 3/1/1943)
Beautiful Moons Ago (O. Moore) 2:22(Recorded 3/1/1943)
Pitchin’ Up A Boogie (Cole) 3:07(Recorded 3/1/1943)
I’m Lost (O. Rene) 3:06(Recorded 3/1/1943)
F.S.T. (Fine, Sweet & Tasty) (Cole) 3:02(Recorded 11/2/1943)
My Lips Remember Your Kisses (Scherman-May-Siegel) 3:03(Recorded 11/2/1943)
Got A Penny (Scherman-May) 2:32(Recorded 11/2/1943)
Let’s Pretend (R. Scherman) 3:12(Recorded 11/2/1943)
Straighten Up And Fly Right (Cole) 2:23(Recorded 11/30/1943)
Gee Baby, Ain’t I Good To You (Redman-Razaf) 2:54(Recorded 11/30/1943)
Jumpin’ At Capitol (N. Robinson) 2:25(Recorded 11/30/1943)
If You Can’t Smile And Say Yes (Jordan-Rodgers) 3:04(Recorded 11/30/1943)
Sweet Lorraine (Burwell-Parish) 3:07(Recorded 12/15/1943)
Embraceable You (Gershwin) 3:22(Recorded 12/15/1943)
Embraceable You (alt) (Gershwin) 3:17(Recorded 12/15/1943)
It’s Only A Paper Moon (Arlen-Harburg-Rose) 2:53(Recorded 12/15/1943)
I Just Can’t See For Lookin’ (Robinson-Stamford) 3:05(Recorded 12/15/1943

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The Man I Love (Gershwin-Gershwin) 3:19(Recorded 1/17/1944)
Body And Soul (Green-Sour-Heyman-Eyton) 3:18(Recorded 1/17/1944)
Prelude In C Sharp Minor (Rachmaninoff) 2:54(Recorded 1/17/1944)
What Is This Thing Called Love (C. Porter) 2:55(Recorded 1/17/1944)
After You Get What You Want, You Don’t Want It (I. Berlin) 2:45(Recorded 3/6/1944)
Look What You’ve Done To Me (Conrad-Gottler-Mitchell) 3:01(Recorded 3/6/44)
Easy Listening Blues (N. Robinson) 3:09(Recorded 3/6/1944)
I Realize Now (Miller-Cowan) 3:07(Recorded 3/6/1944)
Please Consider Me 3:12(Recorded 11/28/1944)
Bring Another Drink (Branker-Bell) 2:18(Recorded 11/28/1944)

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I’d Love To Make Love To You (Poll-Emmerich) 3:08(Recorded 4/13/1945)
I’m A Shy Guy (Cole) 2:52(Recorded 4/13/1945)
Katusha (Blanter-Singer-Zaret) 2:29(Recorded 4/13/1945)
It Only Happens Once (F. Laine) 2:51(Recorded 4/13/1945)
You’re Nobody ‘Til Somebody Loves You (Morgan-Cavanaugh-Stock) 2:49(Recorded 5/19/1945)
Don’t Blame Me (McHugh-Fields) 3:22(Recorded 5/19/1945)
I’m In The Mood For Love (McHugh-Fields) 2:55(Recorded 5/19/1945)
What Can I Say After I Say I’m Sorry (Donaldson-Lyman) 2:32(Recorded 5/19/1945)
I’m Thru With Love (Malneck-Livingston-Kahn) 2:54(Recorded 5/19/1945)
Barcarolle (J. Offenbach) 3:04(Recorded 5/23/1945)
To A Wild Rose (E. McDowell) 3:11(Recorded 5/23/1945)
Sweet Georgia Brown (Casey-Pinkard) 2:16(Recorded 5/23/1945)
I Tho’t You Ought To Know (Carter-Dilbeck) 2:51(Recorded 5/23/1945)
It Only Happens Once (F. Laine) 2:54(Recorded 5/23/1945)
(I Call My Papa) Fla-Ga-La-Pa (Roberts-Fisher-Alfred) 3:07(Recorded 8/2/1945)
It Is Better To Be By Yourself (Cole) 2:56(Recorded 8/2/1945)
It Is Better To Be By Yourself (Cole) 2:53(Recorded 10/11/1945)
Come To Baby, Do (Miller-James) 3:03(Recorded 10/11/1945)
The Frim Fram Sauce (Ricardel-Evans) 3:15(Recorded 10/11/1945)
Homeward Bound (L. Feather) 3:09(Recorded 10/18/1945)
I’m An Errand Boy For Rhythm (Cole) 2:18(Recorded 10/18/1945)
This Way Out (Cole) 3:00(Recorded 10/18/1945)
I Know That You Know (Youmans-Caldwell) 2:28(Recorded 10/18/1945)
But She’s My Buddy’s Chick (alt) (Oliver-Atkinson) 2:51(Recorded 12/4/1945)
But She’s My Buddy’s Chick (Oliver-Atkinson) 2:53(Recorded 12/4/1945)
Oh, But I Do (Watts-Fitzgerald) 2:47(Recorded 12/4/1945)
How Does It Feel (A. Fisher-M. Fisher) 2:53(Recorded 12/4/1945)
You Must Be Blind 2:47(Recorded 12/4/1945)
Loan Me Two Till Tuesday (T. Miller) 2:35(Recorded 12/4/1945)

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I’m In The Mood For Love (Fields-McHugh) 3:10(Recorded 3/15/1946)
I Don’t Know Why (I Just Do) (alt) (Turk-Ahlert) 3:06(Recorded 3/15/1946)
I Don’t Know Why (I Just Do) (Turk-Ahlert) 3:09(Recorded 3/15/1946)
(Get Your Kicks On) Route 66 (B. Troup) 3:00(Recorded 3/15/1946)
Everyone Is Sayin’ Hello Again (Why Must We Say Goodbye?) (Malone-Segal) 2:36(Recorded 3/15/1946)
F.S.T. (opening theme) (Cole) 0:51(Recorded March/1946)
F.S.T. (closing theme) (Cole) 2:02(Recorded March/1946)
Just You, Just Me (alt tk) (Greer-Klages) 3:19(Recorded 3/20/1946)
Just You, Just Me (Greer-Klages) 3:19(Recorded 3/20/1946)
I’ve Got The World On A String (Arlen-Koehler) 3:17(Recorded 3/20/1946)
Rex Rhumba (Cole) 3:30(Recorded 3/20/1946)
But She’s My Buddy’s Chick (Oliver-Atkinson) 2:29(Recorded 3/20/1946)
Chant Of The Blues (Dog-gone Unlucky Blues) (Cole) 3:47(Recorded 3/20/1946)
Rock-a-bye Basie (Basie-Young) 3:20(Recorded 3/20/1946)
Lester Leaps In (L. Young) 2:28(Recorded 3/20/1946)
I Don’t Know Why (I Just Do) (Turk-Ahlert) 2:46(Recorded 3/20/1946)
I Want To Be Happy (Caesar-Youmans) 2:14(Recorded 3/20/1946)
I Know That You Know (Youmans-Caldwell) 2:21(Recorded 3/20/1946)
What Can I Say After I Say I’m Sorry (alt) (Donaldson-Lyman) 2:58(Recorded 4/5/1946)
What Can I Say After I Say I’m Sorry (Donaldson-Lyman) 3:00(Recorded 4/5/1946)
To A Wild Rose (alt) (E. McDowell) 3: 08(Recorded 4/5/1946)
To A Wild Rose (E. McDowell) 3:13(Recorded 4/5/1946)
Baby, Baby All The Time (B. Troup) 3:11(Recorded 4/5/1946)
I Don’t Know Why (I Just Do) (Turk-Ahlert) 2:45(Recorded 4/5/1946)
This Way Out (Cole) 2:30(Recorded 4/11/1946)
Baby, Baby All The Time (B. Troup) 3:13(Recorded 4/11/1946)
Somebody Loves Me (Gershwin-DeSylva-MacDonald) 3:27(Recorded 4/11/1946)
Too Marvelous For Words (Whiting-Mercer) 2:48(Recorded 4/11/1946)
Honeysuckle Rose (Waller-Razaf) 2:17(Recorded 4/11/1946)
How Does It Feel? (A. Fisher-M. Fisher) 3:10(Recorded 4/11/1946)
Loan Me Two Till Tuesday (T. Miller) 2:21(Recorded 4/11/1946)
What Can I Say After I Say I’m Sorry (Donaldson-Lyman) 2:00(Recorded 4/11/1946)
You Name It (Cole) 1:54(Recorded 4/11/1946)
Could-‘Ja (alt) (Fischer-Carey) 3:03(Recorded 4/17/1946)
Could-‘Ja (Fischer-Carey) 3:00(Recorded 4/17/1946)
Baby, Baby All The Time (alt) (B. Troup) 2:58(Recorded 4/17/1946)
Baby, Baby All The Time (B. Troup) 2:59(Recorded 4/17/1946)
Oh, But I Do (Watts-Fitzgerald) 2:37(Recorded 4/17/1946)
Rex Rhumba (Cole) 3:15(Recorded 4/17/1946)
How High The Moon (Lewis-Hamilton) 3:57(Recorded 4/18/1946)
You Call It Madness (But I Call It Love) (DuBois-Gregory-Conrad-Colombo) 3:25(Recorded 4/18/1946)
Tiny’s Exercise (T. Grimes) 2:49(Recorded 4/18/1946)
After You Get What You Want, You Don’t Want It (I. Berlin) 2:33(Recorded 4/18/1946)
Body And Soul (Green-Heyman-Sour-Eyton) 3:45(Recorded 4/18/1946)
On The Sunny Side Of The Street (McHugh-Fields) 2:58(Recorded 4/18/1946)
I’d Love To Make Love To You (Poll-Emmerich) 2:49(Recorded 4/18/1946)
Homeward Bound (L. Feather) 2:59(Recorded 4/18/1946)
What Is This Thing Called Love? (C. Porter) 3:39(Recorded 4/18/1946)
Mabel, Mabel (Drake-Shirl-Manners) 3:15(Recorded 4/18/1946)
Swingin’ The Blues (E. Durham) 2:08(Recorded 4/24/1946)
Beautiful Moons Ago (O. Moore) 2:46(Recorded 4/25/1946)
I Got Rhythm (Gershwin-Gershwin) 2:19(Recorded 4/25/1946)
Could-‘Ja (Fischer-Carey) 3:00(Recorded 4/25/1946)
One O’Clock Jump (Basie-Durham) 2:51(Recorded 4/25/1946)
How Deep Is The Ocean (I. Berlin) 2:53(Recorded 4/25/1946)
(Get Your Kicks On) Route 66 (B. Troup) 3:22(Recorded 4/25/1946)
Cole Slaw (Cole) 1:45(Recorded 4/25/1946)
But She’s My Buddy’s Chick (Oliver-Atkinson) 3:05(Recorded 5/1/1946)
You Call It Madness (But I Call It Love) (DuBois-Gregory-Conrad-Colombo) 3:02(Recorded 5/1/1946)
Homeward Bound (L. Feather) 2:57(Recorded 5/1/1946)
Chant Of The Blues (Dog-gone Unlucky Blues) (Cole) 3:10(Recorded 5/1/1946)
The Christmas Song (Torme-Wells) 3:11(Recorded 6/14/1946)
You Should Have Told Me (Evans-Bellin-Barnes) 2:51(Recorded 6/14/1946)
The Best Man (Alfred-Wise) 3:06(Recorded 8/19/1946)
The Christmas Song (Torme-Wells) 3:10(Recorded 8/19/1946)
You Should Have Told Me (Evans-Bellin-Barnes) 2:56(Recorded 8/19/1946)
(I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons (Best-Watson) 2:51(Recorded 8/22/1946)
In The Cool Of Evening (Cole) 2:53(Recorded 9/6/1946)
That’s The Beginning Of The End (Whitney-Kramer) 3:02(Recorded 9/6/1946)
If You Don’t Like My Apples (Cole-Werner-Werner-Moreno) 2:58(Recorded 9/17/1946)
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (Kern-Harbach) 2:53(Recorded 10/30/1946)
I Want To Thank Your Folks (Benjamin-Weiss) 3:10(Recorded 12/18/1946)
You’re The Cream In My Coffee (Henderson-DeSylva-Brown) 2:27(Recorded 12/18/1946)
Come In Out Of The Rain (Sigman-Russell) 2:53(Recorded 12/18/1946)
You Don’t Learn That In School (Alfred-Fisher) 3:04(Recorded 12/30/1946)
You Be You (But Let Me Be Me) (S. Ellis) 3:06(Recorded 12/30/1946)
Can You Look Me In The Eyes (And Say We’re Through) (Herrick-McMichael) 2:45(Recorded 12/30/1946)

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Give Me Twenty Nickels (Wolf-Brandt) 3:06(Recorded 1/21/1947)
Meet Me At No Special Place (And I’ll Be There At No Particular Time) (Pyle-Robinson-Terker) 3:10(Recorded 1/21/1947)
If You Don’t Like My Apples (Cole-Werner-Werner-Moreno) 2:38(Recorded 1/21/1947)
Naughty Angeline (Roberts-Lee) 2:40(Recorded 6/13/1947)
I Miss You So (Henderson-Scott-Robin) 3:02(Recorded 1/13/1947)
That’s What (Cole-Moore) 2:22(Recorded 1/13/1947)
Honeysuckle Rose (Waller-Razaf) 2:37(Recorded 7/2/1947)
Thanks For You (Hanighan-Wright) 3:05(Recorded 7/2/1947)
It’s Kind Of Lonesome Out Tonight (Ellington-George) 3:12(Recorded 7/2/1947)
For Once In Your Life (Segal-Fisher) 2:55(Recorded 7/2/1947)
I Think You Get What I Mean (B. Black) 2:38(Recorded 7/3/1947)
(Everyone Has Someone) But All I’ve Got Is Me (Cole-George) 2:50(Recorded 7/3/1947)
Now He Tells Me (Wolf-Brandt) 3:05(Recorded 7/3/1947)
I Can’t Be Bothered (B. Austin) 2:43(Recorded 7/3/1947)
When I Take My Sugar To Tea (Fain-Kahal-Norman) 2:21(Recorded 8/6/1947)
Rhumba Azul (Cole) 2:32(Recorded 8/6/1947)
What’ll I Do (I. Berlin) 3:02(Recorded 8/6/1947)
I Never Had A Chance (I. Berlin) 2:49(Recorded 8/6/1947)
This Is My Night To Dream (Burke-Monaco) 2:22(Recorded 8/7/1947)
Makin’ Whoopee (Donaldson-Kahn) 2:29(Recorded 8/7/1947)
There I’ve Said It Again (Evans-Mann) 3:10(Recorded 8/7/1947)
I’ll String Along With You (Warren-Dubin) 3:11(Recorded 8/8/1947)
Ooh, Kickeroonie (Cole-Dickinson-May) 2:22(Recorded 8/8/1947)
(It’s Easy To See) The Trouble With Me Is You (Alfred-Fisher) 2:22(Recorded 8/8/1947)
Too Marvelous For Words (Whiting-Mercer) 2:31(Recorded 8/8/1947)
Three Little Words (Kalmar-Ruby) 2:37(Recorded 8/13/1947
Moonlight In Vermont (Suessdorf-Blackburn) 3:10(Recorded 8/13/1947)
Poor Butterfly (Hubbell-Golden) 2:32(Recorded 8/13/1947)
How High The Moon (Lewis-Hamilton) 2:39(Recorded 8/13/1947)
I’ll Never Be The Same (Malneck-Signorelli-Kahn) 2:48(Recorded 8/13/1947)
These Foolish Things (Strachey-Link-Marvell) 3:12(Recorded 8/13/1947)
Cole Capers (Cole) 1:54(Recorded 8/13/1947)
Blues In My Shower (Cole) 2:50(Recorded 8/13/1947)
I Wanna Be A Friend Of Yours (trad.) 2:10(Recorded 8/15/1947)
Ke Mo Ki Mo (The Magic Song) (Alfred-Hilliard) 2:19(Recorded 8/15/1947)
Three Blind Mice (trad.) 2:33(Recorded 8/15/1947)
Save The Bones For Henry Jones (‘Cause Henry Don’t Eat No Meat) (Barker-Lee) 2:38(Recorded 8/20/1947)
My Baby Likes To Be-Bop (And I Like to Be-Bop Too) (W. Bishop Sr) 2:25(Recorded 8/20/1947)
Harmony (Burke-Van Heusen) 2:55(Recorded 8/20/1947)
You Can’t Make Money Dreamin’ (Shand-Dunham) 2:28(Recorded 8/20/1947)
There’s A Train Out For Dreamland (Kress-Heider) 2:35(Recorded 8/22/1947)
(Go To Sleep) My Sleepy Head (Coleman-Secon) 2:43(Recorded 8/22/1947)
Nature Boy (E. Ahbez) 2:37(Recorded 8/22/1947)
Wildroot Charlie (Cole) 2:38(Recorded 8/22/1947)
Nursery Rhymes: (Mary Had A Little Lamb/ London Bridge/ Go In And Out The Window/ Pop Goes The Weasel) (trad.) 2:45(Recorded 8/27/1947)
Old MacDonald Had A Farm (T. D’Urfey) 2:40(Recorded 8/27/1947)
The Three Trees (McNaughton) 2:40(Recorded 8/27/1947)
Laguna Mood (Cole) 2:55(Recorded 8/27/1947)
I’m A Little Ashamed (Rifkin-Miles) 2:39(Recorded 8/28/1947
Now He Tells Me (Wolf-Brandt) 2:33(Recorded 8/28/1947)
That’s A Natural Fact (Cole-Dexter) 2:34(Recorded 8/28/1947)
Lament In Chords (O. Moore) 2:56(Recorded 8/29/1947)
You’ve Got Another Heart On Your Hands 2:19(Recorded 8/29/1947)
Baby I Need You (Connaway-Farrar) 2:45(Recorded 8/29/1947)
Those Things Money Can’t Buy (Goodhart-Poll) 2:47(Recorded 8/29/1947)
Love Nest (Hirsh-Harbach) 2:33(Recorded 10/28/1947)
Dream A Little Dream Of Me (Schwandt-Andres-Kahn) 2:49(Recorded 10/28/1947)
Then I’ll Be Tired Of You (Schwartz-Harburg) 3:09(Recorded 10/28/1947)
Money Is Honey (Robin-Hopkins) 2:51(Recorded 11/3/1947)
Little Girl (Hyde-Henry) 2:23(Recorded 11/3/1947)
Who’s Telling You Lies 3:01(Recorded 11/3/1947)
No Moon At All (Mann-Evans) 2:56(Recorded 11/3/1947)
I Feel So Smoochie (P. Moore) 2:38(Recorded 11/4/1947)
A Boy From Texas-A Girl From Tennessee (Segal-McCarthy-Brooks) 2:39(Recorded 11/4/1947)
When You Walked Out With Shoes On 2:35(Recorded 11/4/1947)
That’s The Kind Of Girl I Dream Of (Fisher-Segal) 2:22(Recorded 11/4/1947)
It’s The Sentimental Thing To Do (Alfred-Fisher) 3:05(Recorded 11/5/1947)
I’ve Only Myself To Blame (Evans-Mann) 2:59(Recorded 11/5/1947)
It’s Like Taking Candy From A Baby (Russell-Russell-Cowan) 2:45(Recorded 11/5/1947)
You’ve Changed (Fischer-Carey) 3:03(Recorded 11/5/1947)
The Geek (Cole-Fisher) 3:11(Recorded 11/6/1947)
Confess (Benjamin-Weiss) 2:56(Recorded 11/6/1947)
If I Had You (Shapiro-Campbell-Connelly) 3:00(Recorded 11/6/1947)
Flo And Joe (Leeds-Varnick) 2:40(Recorded 11/7/1947)
If You Stub Your Toe On The Moon (Burke-Van Heusen) 3:19(Recorded 11/7/1947)
I’m Gonna Spank My Heart (Pack-Jones) 2:52(Recorded 11/7/1947)
I See By The Papers (George-Reif-Johnson) 2:45(Recorded 11/7/1947)
Return Trip (I. Ashby) 2:59(Recorded 11/7/1947)
A Woman Always Understands (Alfred-Fisher) 3:00(Recorded 11/7/1947)
Put ‘Em In A Box, Tie ‘Em With A Ribbon (And Throw ‘Em In The Deep Blue Sea)(Recorded 11/24/1947)
(Styne-Cahn) 2:39(Recorded 11/24/1947)
Blue And Sentimental (Basie-Livingston-David) 2:33(Recorded 11/24/1947)
I’ve Got A Way With Women (Alfred-Wise-Silver) 2:43(Recorded 11/24/1947)
My Fair Lady (Hilliard-Sigman) 3:07(Recorded 11/24/1947)
I Wish I Had The Blues Again (Wilder-Finckel) 3:05(Recorded 11/29/1947)
Didn’t I Tell You So? (Whitney-Kramer) 2:35(Recorded 11/29/1947)
Lost April (Leslie-Newman) 3:00(Recorded 11/29/1947)
Lost April (Leslie-Newman) 2:55(Recorded 12/20/1947)
Lillette (J. Gold) 2:59(Recorded 12/20/1947)
Monday Again (Belle-Rhodes-Klein) 3:11(Recorded 12/20/1947)
Lulubelle (Cole-Liebman-Romero) 2:12(Recorded 12/20/1947)
It’s So Hard To Laugh (It’s So Easy To Cry) (Fisher-Segal) 3:03(Recorded 12/20/1947)

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Portrait Of Jennie (Robinson-Burdge) 2:58(Recorded 12/21/1948)
It Only Happens Once (F. Laine) 3:03(Recorded 12/21/1948)
My Mother Told Me (Cole-George) 2:41(Recorded 12/21/1948)
Bang Bang Boogie (Kuller-Levy-Gannaway) 2:42(Recorded 12/21/1948)

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Portrait Of Jennie (Robinson-Burdge) 3:05(Recorded 1/14/1949)
Don’t Cry, Cry Baby (Maher-Martini-Tepper) 3:05(Recorded 1/14/1949)
An Old Piano Plays The Blues (Allen-George) 3:20(Recorded 1/14/1949)
How Lonely Can You Get (G. Kilham) 2:59(Recorded 1/14/1949)
Laugh! Cool Clown (R. Leoncavallo) 3:18(Recorded 1/22/1949)
Bop-Kick (Cole) 2:35(Recorded 1/22/1949)
For All We Know (Coots-Lewis) 3:00(Recorded 1/22/1949)
Land Of Love (Come My Love And Live With Me) (E. Ahbez) 3:14(Recorded 3/29/1949)
Lush Life (B. Strayhorn) 3:15(Recorded 3/29/1949)
Lillian (George-Werner-Weidler) 2:42(Recorded 3/29/1949)
‘Tis Autumn (Nemo) 3:06(Recorded 3/29/1949)
Yes Sir, That’s My Baby (Donaldson-Kahn) 2:38(Recorded 3/29/1949)
I Used To Love You (But It’s All Over Now) (Von Tilzer-Brown) 2:58(Recorded 3/29/1949)
Etymology (The Language Of Love) (R. Alfred) 2:39(Recorded 3/30/1949
Peaches (T. Gibbs) 2:37(Recorded 3/30/1949
Last But Not Least (T. Gibbs) 2:33(Recorded 3/30/1949
I Wake Up Screaming Dreaming Of You (Cole-George) 2:37(Recorded 3/30/1949
It Was So Good While It Lasted (Ackers-Poll) 2:47(Recorded 5/20/1949)
I Get Sentimental Over Nothing (Cole-Allton) 3:06(Recorded 5/20/1949)
Who Do You Know In Heaven (That Made You The Angel You Are) (DeRose-Stillman) 2:38(Recorded 5/20/1949)
Your Voice (S. Lippman) 2:17(Recorded 5/20/1949)
A Little Yellow Ribbon (In Her Hair) (Davis-Silver) 2:24(Recorded 5/20/1949)
My Mother Told Me (Cole-George) 2:55(Recorded 7/26/1949)
Exactly Like You (McHugh-Fields) 2:39(Recorded 7/26/1949)
Part Of Me (Cole) 3:21(Recorded 7/26/1949)
What Have You Got In Those Eyes (Raye-DePaul) 2:31(Recorded 7/26/1949)
Top Hat Bop (I. Ashby) 3:12(Recorded 7/26/1949)
Go Bongo (Costanzo-Cole) 3:05(Recorded 7/26/1949)
Rhumba Blues (Cole) 2:34(Recorded 7/26/1949)
Boulevard Of Broken Dreams (Warren-Dubin) 2:28(Recorded 7/26/1949)
All I Want For Christmas (Is My Two Front Teeth) (D. Gardner) 2:29(Recorded 8/2/1949)
You Can’t Lose A Broken Heart (Johnson-Miller) 2:57(Recorded 8/2/1949)
Bang Bang Boogie (Kuller-Levy-Gannaway) 2:56(Recorded 8/2/1949)
(Here Is My Heart) Nalani (Gerda-Isaacs) 2:56(Recorded 9/9/1949)
The Horse Told Me (Burke-Van Heusen) 2:59(Recorded 9/9/1949)
Don’t Shove, I’m Leaving (Parman-Murdock) 2:43(Recorded 9/9/1949)
Calypso Blues (Cole-George) 2:59(Recorded 9/9/1949)
Mule Train (Lange-Heath-Glickman) 2:54(Recorded 11/7/1949)
My Baby Just Cares For Me (Donaldson-Kahn) 2:45(Recorded 11/7/1949)

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For You My Love (P. Gayten) 2:24(Recorded 1/5/1950)
Can I Come In For A Second? (S. Cahn) 2:48(Recorded 1/5/1950)
Baby Won’t You Say You Love Me (Myrow-Gordon) 2:57(Recorded 2/9/1950)
I Almost Lost My Mind (Ivory Joe Hunter) 3:00(Recorded 2/9/1950)
A Little Bit Independent (Burke-Leslie) 3:07(Recorded 2/9/1950)
I’ll Never Say “Never Again” Again (H. Woods) 2:46(Recorded 2/9/1950)
Twisted Stockings (J. Greene) 2:48(Recorded 2/9/1950)
If I Were You, Baby, I’d Love Me (T. Rodgers) 3:06(Recorded 3/9/1950)
Third Finger, Left Hand (K. Nelson) 3:05(Recorded 3/9/1950)
After My Laughter Came Tears (Tobias-Turk) 2:45(Recorded 3/9/1950)
Calico Sal (Roberts-Gordon) 2:27(Recorded 3/9/1950)
Peaches (T. Gibbs) 2:33(Recorded 3/9/1950)
Don’t Let Your Eyes Go Shopping (For Your Heart) (Austin-Smith) 2:21(Recorded 3/9/1950)
All Aboard (Cole) 2:13(Recorded 3/9/1950)
Ooh Kickeroonie (Cole-Dickinson-May) 2:12(Recorded 3/9/1950)
‘Deed I Do (Rose-Hirsch) 2:13(Recorded 3/9/1950)
The Greatest Inventor Of Them All (Raksin-Stanford) 2:15(Recorded 3/11/1950)
Who’s Who (Fisher-Dunham) 2:58(Recorded 3/11/1950)
Time Out For Tears (Schiff-Berman) 3:10(Recorded 5/19/1950)
Orange Colored Sky (DeLugg-Stein) 2:30(Recorded 8/16/1950)
Jam-Bo (Shorty Rogers) 2:52(Recorded 8/16/1950)
Get To Gettin’ (McDonald-Weber) 2:19(Recorded 8/25/1950)
Paint Yourself A Rainbow (DeRose-Sigman) 2:18(Recorded 12/11/1950
Destination Moon (Fisher-Alfred) 2:40(Recorded 12/11/1950)

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That’s My Girl (Ellington-Tobias) 2:19(Recorded 2/1/1951)
Wish I Were Somebody Else (Van Heusen-Burke) 2:42(Recorded 2/12/1951)
You Can’t Make Me Love You 2:25(Recorded 2/12/1951)
Poor Jenny Is A Weepin’ (Lucraft-Jacobson) 2:43(Recorded 2/12/1951)
A Robin And A Rainbow And A Red, Red Rose (Lowe-Sachs) 2:31(Recorded 3/9/1951)
The Lighthouse In The Sky (Nevins-David) 2:37(Recorded 3/9/1951)
Pigtails And Freckles (Wolf-Barlow) 2:30(Recorded 3/9/1951)

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It’s Crazy (Rogers-Fields) 2:20(Recorded 1/11/1952)
You Stepped Out Of A Dream (Kahn-Brown) 2:34(Recorded 1/11/1952)
Where Were You (L. Feather) 2:15(Recorded 1/11/1952)
Summer Is A Comin’ In (Wilder-Bauer) 3:05(Recorded 1/11/1952)
Funny (Not Much) (Neil-Broughton-Prince) 2:56(Recorded 1/11/1952)
Penthouse Serenade (Jason-Burton) 3:05(Recorded 7/18/1952)
Rose Room (Hickman-Williams) 2:45(Recorded 7/18/1952)
Down By The Old Mill Stream (Smith-Taylor) 2:18(Recorded 7/18/1952)
Laura (Raksin-Mercer) 2:42(Recorded 7/18/1952)
Polka Dots And Moonbeams (Van Heusen-Burke) 3:03(Recorded 7/18/1952)
(Recorded 7/18/1952)
Somebody Loves Me (Gershwin-DeSylva-MacDonald) 3:02(Recorded 7/18/1952)
Once In A Blue Moon (Kern-Caldwell) 2:54(Recorded 7/18/1952)
If I Should Lose You (Robin-Rainger) 3:10(Recorded 7/18/1952)
Don’t Let Your Eyes Go Shopping (For Your Heart) (Austin-Smith) 2:28(Recorded 7/24/1952)

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Almost Like Being In Love (Lerner-Loewe) 1:50(Recorded 1/28/1953)
This Can’t Be Love (Rodgers-Hart) 2:28(Recorded 1/28/1953)
Don’t Hurt The Girl (C. Robbins) 3:18(Recorded 1/28/1953)
The Christmas Song (Torme-Wells) 3:13(Recorded 8/24/1953)

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Don’t Blame Me (McHugh-Fields) 3:02(Recorded 7/14/1955)
It Could Happen To You (Van Heusen-Burke) 2:45(Recorded 7/14/1955)
I Surrender Dear (alt tk) (Barris-Clifford) 3:00(Recorded 7/14/1955)
I Surrender Dear (Barris-Clifford) 2:57(Recorded 7/14/1955)
Little Girl (Hyde-Henry) 1:48(Recorded 7/14/1955)

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You Can Depend On Me (Carpenter-Dunlap-Hines) 3:51(Recorded 8/15/1956)
Candy (Kramer-David-Whitney) 3:52(Recorded 8/15/1956)
Sweet Lorraine (Burwell-Parish) 4:33(Recorded 8/15/1956)
It’s Only A Paper Moon (Arlen-Rose-Harburg) 3:05(Recorded 8/15/1956)
(Get Your Kicks On) Route 66 (B. Troup) 3:40(Recorded 8/15/1956)
Don’t Let It Go To Your Head (LaVere-LaPalm-Hadmik) 3:09(Recorded 9/14/1956)
You’re Lookin’ At Me (B. Troup) 4:11(Recorded 9/14/1956)
Just You Just Me (Greer-Clages) 3:00(Recorded 9/14/1956)
I Was A Little Too Lonely And You Were A Little Too Late (Livingston-Evans) 2:58(Recorded 9/14/1956)
Caravan (Ellington-Tizol-Mills) 2:42(Recorded 9/21/1956)
The Lonely One (Heller-Hambro) 3:45(Recorded 9/21/1956)
Blame It On My Youth (Levant-Heyman) 4:08(Recorded 9/21/1956)
What Is There To Say (Duke-Harburg) 3:33(Recorded 9/21/1956)
Sometimes I’m Happy (Youmans-Caesar) 4:08(Recorded 9/24/1956)
I Know That You Know (Youmans-Caldwell) 2:26(Recorded 9/24/1956)
When I Grow Too Old To Dream (Romberg-Hammerstein) 3:30(Recorded 9/24/1956)
Two Loves Have I (Scotto-Trivers-Murray) 2:45(Recorded 9/24/1956)

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Whatcha’ Gonna Do (Cole) 2:45(Recorded 9/2/1959)
In A Mellow Tone (Ellington) 1:55(Recorded 9/2/1959)

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Where Or When (Rodgers-Hart) 3:15(Recorded 6/14/1960)

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It’s Only A Paper Moon (Arlen-Rose-Harburg) 2:56(Recorded 3/22/1961)
Sweet Lorraine (Burwell-Parish) 3:21(Recorded 3/22/1961)
(Get Your Kicks On) Route 66 (B. Troup) 2:54(Recorded 3/23/1961)
Straighten Up And Fly Right (Cole) 2:35(Recorded 3/23/1961)
(I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons (Best-Watson) 3:04(Recorded 3/23/1961)
Embraceable You (Gershwin-Gershwin) 3:45


(Recorded 3/23/1961)